about us

Gourmet Living Food in the Heart of Hollywood

Welcome to LifeFood Organic! The cafe is located on the newly energized Cahuenga strip. (Between Hollywood Blvd and Sunset Blvd).

We have created healthy grab-and-go prepacked raw living vegetarian cuisine. Our recipes are crafted from the highest integrity ingredients with one special twist; nothing is heated over 118 degrees so all the precious enzymes in the food are preserved. Enzymes are the buzzword for LifeFood Nutrition. Enzymes can be seen as the life force of food, they are critical for digestion, and have a survival temperature of under 118 F.

When food is cooked above this temperature enzymes die and heat sensitive vitamins like Vitamin C diminish in potency. Enzymes must be there for digestion to occur. When processed and denatured food is eaten, the body must scavenge for digestive enzymes already on hand, so it costs you something. This slow robbing of enzymes is basically the process of aging.

LifeFood Nutrition makes you beautiful and restores good health. Try simply increasing the amount of Lifefood in your diet and watch as your skin becomes clear ans shiny and many symptoms become greatly alleviated.